Introducing Strikingly 6 - Editing sections by drag & drop!

You now have much more control over your section layouts using our Drag & Drop feature for Section Layouts. This feature is available for all users, including free users.


There are two ways to enter Drag & Drop mode: Add a "Make Your Own" section to build it from scratch, or enter Drag & Drop mode in an existing section.



1. Add the "Make Your Own" Section

In the editor, click "Add New Section" in the left menu to add a new section. You can select the "Make Your Own Section" at the bottom, under "Advanced".



2. Enter Drag & Drop Mode from Layout Options

In certain sections, in the top-right corner, you can open Layout Options and then click "Drag & Drop". Note: This won't apply to some more advanced sections like Store, Blog, or Slider. But most of the  text/image/video sections will support this.




What can I do in Drag & Drop mode?


Add Element

  • Put your mouse between two elements and click the blue "+" button. This will open an "Add Element" menu, where you can add any element you want.




Move Element / Create New Columns

  • Move your cursor to the light blue border that surrounds an element until you see the "grab" hand cursor. Then you can drag the element around.
  • If you drag the element to the left and right, you can make new columns in this layout!



Delete Element

  • Click the trash can icon at the top right corner of a single element to delete it.



Resize Columns

  • When you place your cursor between two columns, you can drag the vertical blue bar in order to resize the columns around it.







Note: Drag & Drop layouts will automatically be mobile-optimized for smartphone screens.

Use Drag & Drop mode to customize your section layout exactly the way you'd like!


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