Introducing Strikingly 6 - Editing sections by drag & drop!

With our Drag & Drop feature, you now have more control over your section layouts. This feature is available to all users, including those on our free plan. You can add, move, and create repeated elements such as text, images, and buttons throughout your website (using the MYO section). Continue reading to learn how to add and customize these features!


There are two ways to enter Drag & Drop mode: Add a "Make Your Own" section to build it from scratch, or enter Drag & Drop mode in an existing section.


1. Add the "Make Your Own" Section

Click "Add New Section" from the left menu in the editor. You can select the "Make Your Own Section" at the bottom, under "Advanced" category.



2. Enter Drag & Drop Mode from Layout Options

In certain sections, you can open Layout Options in the top-right corner and then click "Drag & Drop". Note: This won't apply to some more advanced sections like Store, Blog, or Slider. But most of the text/image/video/button sections will support this.



What can I do in Drag & Drop mode?


Add Elements

  • Put your mouse between two elements and click the blue "+" button. This will open an "Add Element" menu, where you can add any element you want.




Move Elements / Create New Columns

  • Move your cursor to the light blue border that surrounds an element until you see the "grab" hand cursor. Then you can drag the element around.
  • If you drag the element to the left and right, you can make new columns in this layout!



Duplicate Elements

Click the "Duplicate" icon at the top right corner of a single element to copy the element.


Add Repeated Elements

  • What are Repeated Elements: When you want to add two elements (repeated elements) in a row such as text, image, or button in a section, you can use the Repeated Elements feature. 
  • How to add repeated elements: Click the blue plus icon to call the tool (anywhere on the Make Your Own Section (MYO). Then, choose the "Repeated Elements" option to add two elements at a time in one row. If you need more than two items/elements in one row, you can always use the "Add Item" feature. 



Delete Elements

  • Click the trash can icon at the top right corner of a single element to delete it.


Resize Columns

  • When you place your cursor between two columns, you can drag the vertical blue bar in order to resize the columns around it.




Note: Drag & Drop layouts will automatically be mobile-optimized for smartphone screens.

Use Drag & Drop mode to customize your section layout exactly how you'd like!


We hope that you'll find this feature useful! In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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