Connect Form with External Services

You can now connect Strikingly forms with MailChimp to build automation workflows! After activating, form responses from your Strikingly site will be automatically added to your MailChimp list. Find this option under “Advanced” settings in your form.

Note: This is only available for Pro users and up.



What forms are applicable?

You can connect to external services like Mailchimp in the following form sections:

  • Sign-Up Form
  • Contact Form
  • Custom Form

When you edit the form, you'll see the entry point in the form settings:

For custom forms, you can find this setting in the "Advanced" tab:


How MailChimp connection works

  • Step 1: Click "Connect your account" in Connect External Services.
  • Step 2: Log into MailChimp.
  • Step 3: Select a MailChimp audience for form submissions.
  • Step 4: Republish your site to make this live! Try submitting a form to test the function yourself.


MailChimp troubleshooting

After logging into your MailChimp account, you'll see your account email, and you'll need to select a list to store the resulting form responses.

1. Now 3 types of form fields will be mapped to MailChimp contact info as follows:

    • Name → First Name
    • Email → Email Address
    • Phone → Phone Number

2. If your form is missing the "Email" field, form submissions will be dropped by MailChimp. Please make sure your form is set up with at least one "Email" form field.

3. In your MailChimp audience settings, if any fields other than "Email" are checked as required, your form submissions may be dropped by MailChimp. To resolve this issue, please uncheck other fields as Required in your MailChimp list settings.

4. New form submissions from your Strikingly site will create a new contact in your selected MailChimp list. New form submissions can't be used to update existing MailChimp contacts.

5. If you're using Strikingly's Custom Form, the first "Short Text" field will be used as the "Name" field in MailChimp audience information.

6. If your Strikingly form has more than one "Email" field type, only the first email field from Strikingly will be used as the audience email field in MailChimp.



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