Product Filter


If you have a Store section with many products, you can add a product filter menu to your store so that visitors more easily find the right product!

Note: This function is only available for Pro users & up.


Activating Product Filter

To activate Product Filter, go to Store -> Categories, and you'll see the Product Filter settings at the bottom.




  • After activating, you'll be able to select different properties to allow filtering by, including price and various product options that been set for each product.
  • For example, if each product has "Red" and "Green" variants, you'll be able to check "Product Options" to show a "Red" and "Green" checkbox in the filter menu that will appear in your live site's section.
    • The options available in the filter menu depend on what product options you've set for each product. The filter menu aggregate any options that you've set in each product's settings, and allow the visitor to view products by available options.
  • You'll see a preview of the filter menu in the gray box.


How Product Filter appears in your site

Once activated, you'll see the filter menu appear in the live site:





Hiding Product Filter in a single section

If you have multiple store sections in your site, you can also enable/disable the filter menu for each individual section by checking or unchecking "Show filter" in the section's Advanced Layout options.





Deactivating Product Filter

To deactivate product filter on your site, just uncheck all the filter parameters in Store -> Categories.





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