Add Multiple Shipping Options

In your Simple Store, you can now add multiple shipping options, with different shipping fees for each option! For instance, you can now set up Standard and Expedited shipping and let your customers choose one at checkout. Or, you can set up one option for Standard Shipping and another for In-Store Pickup.




How to Add Shipping Option 

More info: Set up Shipping for Simple Store.

  1. In the editor, go to Store > Shipping. This page shows a list of shipping options.
  2. Click "Add Shipping Option".
  3. Select your Shipping Rule, Region & Rates, Option Name, and Shipping Guidelines as required.
  4. Click the "Save" button to activate this option


For example, you can set up 2 shipping options (e.g. Standard Shipping & Expedited Shipping) with different shipping rates and option names in the same shipping regions.


What Your Customer Sees

During checkout, customers who select this shipping region will see these 2 options when they fill out their shipping information.


Customers will also see their selected shipping option in their order confirmation email:



Reviewing Order Information

After receiving an order, you'll see the shipping option name on the order details page, the order notification email sent to you, and the "Order Export" CSV. This will let you know which shipping option the customer selected at checkout so that you can arrange the shipment appropriately.



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