Show a Pop-Up on your site!

Pop-ups are great for a variety of uses, from collecting emails to advertising coupons to announcing news. Use Pop-ups to boost your site's lead generation and engagement.

It's super easy to activate a pop-up for your site -- just go to Settings -> Promotion -> Pop-Ups. This feature is only available for Pro users & up.



There are three types of pop-ups available:

  • Email Form
    • Show a simple email form to let your audience sign up for newsletters, updates, or anything else.
  • Announcement
    • Show a simple image + text. Great for announcing coupon codes or exciting news.
  • Age Verification
    • Enter custom text and allow the visitor to enter or exit. If they choose to exit, the visitor will go to a simple "content restricted" page.

What can I customize in these pop-ups?

  • All popups allow you to choose from three different layouts: centered, image on left, and image on right.
  • All popups support custom text and a custom image.
  • The Email Form popup allows you to create a simple email form, and rename the form elements as you wish.
    • Click "More options" to also set a thank-you message on form submission, and a notification email so you'll be notified of any new submissions.
    • You'll be able to see these pop-up form responses in the Audience list of your site! Just filter your Audience by "Pop-Up Form."
  • The Announcement popup allows you to set custom buttons that lead to different parts of your site, or to an external site.

How are these pop-ups triggered?

After configuring your popup, just save the settings and publish your site. Your live site will now show the pop-up when a visitor views the site! 

If a visitor refreshes the site, the pop-up won't show again for the rest of their visit session -- this prevents annoying repeat visitors with the same pop-ups.

Can I set the trigger to something else, like only popping up on certain pages or certain user actions?

This isn't possible right now, but if this is a feature you'd like, please submit or upvote it in our idea forum!

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