Show a Pop-Up on your site!

Pop-ups are great for a variety of uses, from collecting emails to advertising coupons to announcing news. Use pop-ups to boost your site's lead generation and engagement.


How to add a pop-up?

It's super easy to activate a pop-up for your site -- just go to Settings > Promotion > Pop-Ups. This feature is only available for Pro users & up.



There are three types of pop-ups available:

  • Email Form
    • Show a simple email form to let your audience sign up for newsletters, updates, or anything else.
  • Announcement
    • Show a simple image + text. Great for announcing coupon codes or exciting news.
  • Age Verification
    • Enter custom text and allow the visitor to enter or exit. If they choose to enter, the visitor will go to a simple "content restricted" page.

What can I customize in these pop-ups?

  • All pop-ups allow you to choose from three different layouts: centered, image on left, and image on right.
  • All pop-ups support a custom text and image.
  • The Email Form popup allows you to create a simple email form and rename the form elements as you wish.
    • Click "More options" to also set a thank-you message on the form submission and a notification email so you'll be notified of any new submissions.
    • You can see these pop-up form responses in the Audience list of your site! Just filter your Audience by choosing the"Pop-Up Form."
  • The Announcement pop-up allows you to set custom buttons that lead to different parts of your site or to an external site.
  • The Age Verification pop-up allows you to show verifications before entering the site.

How are these pop-ups triggered?

You can change when and where the popup will show. You'll see it under Time Delay (how long before it shows) and Show On Pages (which pages will it show).



After configuring your pop-up, save the settings and publish your site. Your live site will now show the pop-up when a visitor views it! 

If a visitor refreshes the site, the pop-up won't show again for the rest of their visit session -- this prevents annoying repeat visitors with the same pop-ups.


How to remove/disable/turn off the pop-ups?

If you want to remove the pop-ups from your website, go to the pop-up page and click the "Disable Pop-up" link.


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