Send and Receive Emails Using MyStrikingly Mail Inside Gmail

Running businesses usually involves checking your custom emails, in addition to a separate email like Gmail for personal use. It could be a little difficult to manage if you have to check two mailboxes all the time so we found a way for you to do both without leaving Gmail. Have your custom email and password ready and follow these steps to get started:

1. Send Emails from Gmail
2. Receive Emails using Gmail


Connect Your Custom Email with Gmail to send mails (Send mail as):

  1. Log in to your Gmail account, then click on the gear icon at the upper right side to access "Settings".


  2. Go to the "Accounts and Import" tab and click the "Add another email address" in the "Send mail as" section.


  3. Fill in your name in the "Name" field and your custom email address in the "Email address:" field on the new pop-up window. Untick the "Treat as an alias" option and click the "Next Step" button.


  4. The same pop-up window will load to another page. The following fields and options should be set as below:


    • SMTP Server:
    • Port: 465
    • Username: your custom email address
    • Password: your password for your custom email
    • Secured connection using SSL (recommended)

  5. The following screen will load in the same pop-up window, instructing you to check your custom email where a confirmation code was sent to. You will need to log in to to do that.


  6. In your MyStrikingly Mail inbox, look for the email with the subject "Gmail Confirmation - Send Mail as". Click the confirmation link.


  7. A new tab will open and you will need to click "Confirm" to allow sending emails using your custom email address from within your Gmail account.

  8. Once you see the "Confirmation Success!" message, you can close that tab and go back to your Gmail settings. Verify that your custom email has been added by refreshing the Gmail settings page. Your "Send mail as" settings should look like this:


  9. That's it! You can start sending emails from your custom email address by first clicking the "From" field. There should be two email addresses in there: one is your Gmail and the other one is your custom email. Pick your custom email address before sending out messages.



Connect Your Custom Email with Gmail to Receive Mail (Check mail from other accounts):

  1. Go to the "Accounts and Import" tab in your Gmail settings page.
  2. In the "Check mail from other accounts" section, click the "Add a mail account" link


  3. A new window will pop-up. Type your custom email in the "Email address field" then click the "Next" button.


  4. The page on the pop-up window will load to this next screen below:


    Click the "Next" button again.

  5. Set the mail server settings on the next screen, as shown below:


    • Username: your custom email ie
    • Password: your custom email password
    • POP Server:
    • Port: 995

      Pro tip: Tick the following options:

      • Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server - In case you lose access to your Gmail account, you'll still have a copy of your mails in your Webmail (MyStrikingly).
      • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail - Ensures that your emails are secure.
      • Label Incoming messages - This lets you easily tell which emails came from your custom email and which ones were received directly through your personal Gmail email address.

  6. Once done adding the settings, click "Add account". If no errors were encountered, the pop-up window will automatically close. Gmail should start retrieving your mails in your MyStrikingly/custom email inbox.

  7. All set! Any new mails that you receive through your custom email from today should all be reflected in your Gmail inbox.


If you only want to receive all emails sent to your MyStrikingly email to your Gmail inbox, you can setup email forwarding


If you have any questions or you need help setting this up, feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us! 

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