Migrate to the latest Affiliate Program

As of January 2022, our newest Affiliate Program rewards commissions of 50% for the first year payments and 20% for recurring payments thereafter. Apply to become a Strikingly Affiliate at https://www.strikingly.com/s/affiliate.


However, we also have some legacy systems that earned lower commissions. All legacy affiliates should migrate to the latest Affiliate Program to earn the most commissions possible! We will deprecate legacy systems on December 31, 2022.


How do I know if I'm using an older system?

There are a few ways to check if you're using an older legacy system:


How do I migrate to the newest system?

To migrate to our new system, log into Strikingly and visit https://www.strikingly.com/s/affiliate. Make sure you've applied to our newest system.


  • If you see an upgrade button on the dashboard, just click it ("Earn more commission now") and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your upgrade. That's it! 
  • If your link starts with a.strk.ly or mbsy.co, or if you accessed your affiliate dashboard from https://affiliate.strikingly.com/login, click the "Migrate from legacy affiliate system" button in the "Links & Resources" section.
    • mceclip2.png


This tool allows you to migrate existing a.strk.ly links to our new system, so you won't have to change those old links in your promotional content, but they will earn you commissions in our new Affiliate Program. (However, if you have been using mbsy.co links, you will still need to update all the links in your content to your new link.)

Just follow the instructions on the screen to migrate to the new system.




What is the result of the migration?

After migration and approval, you'll be able to earn our increased commissions! Please note that the increased commissions only apply to new referrals that you refer after you have completed the migration.


We hope you enjoy being a Strikingly Affiliate. Please contact us at support@strikingly.com if you have any questions!


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