Curated Content Ideas to Make Your First Sale

We’ve curated samples of high-traffic content topics that you can use for each major platform to help you get started on your affiliate marketing journey, and make your first sale!


Video Content

Videos are a very popular content format, and for a good reason. The information is easy to digest, it’s entertaining and highly engaging. Below are a few high-traffic video examples we curated for you. They promote different products with various styles, and we’ve put down topic ideas you may use for each one. Check them out and see which fits best with your audience: 



How To Use Canva For BEGINNERS! (Canva Tutorial 2020) 

  • Views: 1,086,285 
  • Comments: 549
  • Likes: 18K

👍  Why we like this video:

  • The video is short (10:53 minutes). Keeping it short can guarantee that your audience will watch your video till the end. 
  • Plus, people love anything that they can do in 10 minutes or less!

💡 Idea: “How to build a website in 10 minutes!” 


Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Software (2021)

  • Views: 8,341,046 views
  • Comments: 90
  • Likes: 925

👍  Why we like this video:

  • This video isn’t as short, but the length is still good at 20 minutes. 

💡 Idea: “Top 3 FREE FOREVER Website Builders” 


Coding a whole web app ONLY using my Phone 

  • Views: 2,601,582 views
  • Comments: 5337
  • Likes: 98K

👍  Why we like this video:

  • This video is short at 14:48 minutes. 
  • It piques the interest of its audience because it does the impossible – coding a full app using just a mobile phone.
  • The video is well made. Editing is really great. 

💡 Idea: “Create your own business website using ONLY your mobile phone” 


YouTube is a good platform to find and engage your audience. As a general rule, try to:

  1. Keep your videos anywhere from 10-15 minutes. 
  2. Be natural and add humor. Laugh at your mistakes, and keep it in the reel (pun intended). People love to smile and laugh.
  3. Don’t forget to add your affiliate links in the comment! 



Websites I Wish I Knew Before (Part 5)

  • Likes: 628.1K
  • Comments: 1703
  • Shares: 44.5K

👍  Why we like this video: 

  • The video is short but highly engaging because it pokes at your audience’s curiosity. 
  • The background music and voice are familiar. Familiarity is good to create a safe space for your audience. 

💡 Idea: Create your own “Website I Wish I Knew Before”


Video Series: They saved my life in uni Part 1  

  • Likes: 108.5K
  • Comments: 313
  • Shares: 4079

Video Series: They saved my life in uni Part 2 ​​ 

  • Likes: 71.8K
  • Comments: 139
  • Shares: 3399

Video Series: They saved my life in uni Part 3

  • Likes:  50.8K
  • Comments: 97
  • Shares: 1298

Video Series: They saved my life in uni Part 4

  • Likes: 105K
  • Comments: 176 
  • Shares: 4831

👍  Why we like this video: 

  • The video offers “hacks” on how to survive university. TikTok is famous for featuring hacks, curious stuff, and highly entertaining content. 
  • Very short videos and can be easily consumed. The screenshots were very clear too! 

💡 Idea: “App that saved my business” 


7 Free Tools to Start a business today

  • Likes: 109.1K
  • Comments: 596
  • Shares: 29.5K 

👍  Why we like this video: 

  • The video title is clear. You know you’re not going to waste your precious time watching the video.
  • The description for each app is also clear and concise. 
  • It’s a list! Everybody loves lists.

💡 Idea: “You need this tool to start your business today” 


TikTok is the hottest new platform on the social media scene. Wade in on the hype, but always remember to:

  1. Know the trends. People love anything that they can do in 15 minutes or less, lists of the best/worst things, events or people, life hacks, and anything free! 
  2. Use the right hashtags and keywords. This is crucial, especially for platforms like TikTok because it can extend your reach beyond your followers. 


Blog Content

Blog Article

First Site Guide: Strikingly Website Builder Review 2022

👍  Why we like this article: 

  • It features us! Obviously :) 
  • It’s easy to read, and the language is casual. It doesn’t bombard its audience with big jargon. 
  • It features a summary review and an in-depth review. You can get a quick glance at the info that you need, without reading the entire article.
  • The article mentions “9 minutes read” on top. It sets your reader’s expectations if they need to sit down and get a coffee, or they can finish it on their way to the 54th floor of their building. 

💡 Idea: Write your own Strikingly website builder review! 


Customer Service Software Showdown: Zendesk vs. Freshdesk

👍  Why we like this article: 

  • It features a detailed list of features that were used to compare the 2 products in the beginning. This one easily tells the reader if they can find the information that they need within the article. 
  • A comparison table is a great way to summarize the differences between two products.
  • The title became catchy with the word “showdown” – it deviated from the generic “Product vs. Other Product Comparison: 2022” title formats.

💡 Idea: Strikingly Pro Vs Strikingly VIP: Who Wins This Party?


Taking Advantage of Typeform’s Explosive Growth

👍  Why we like this article: 

  • The “Results” at the beginning of the article engages the readers to read more about how they can achieve the same.
  • The entire blog post is based on personal experience. People love being personal.
  • There’s an offer at the end of the article, “Get early access” – it’s like your bonus after reading through the entire thing!

💡 Idea: “Join the Strikingly Revolution: Get Your Biz Online in 20 Minutes or Less”


Blog articles are useful content to show your audience that you’re a trusted source, and drive traffic to your website. When you write blog posts, remember:

  • Write eye-catching headlines. Choose your words carefully, and when possible, use trending languages/terms for better relatability. 
  • Always add a summary. The beginning or the ending doesn’t matter–TLDR is real especially when the article is too long. 
  • Share personal experiences. Being personal creates a meaningful connection between you and your audience. Be yourself. 


Social Media Posts


Sorav Jain

  • Views: 387 
  • Likes: 25
  • Comments: 21

👍  Why we like this post: 

  • The story is very relatable and witty! Imagine getting girlfriends on Instagram–who would even think that was possible? 
  • It offers great advice on how to use Instagram to grow your business. 

💡 Idea: Create your own funny and witty story, or maybe share a friend’s and offer tips on how to grow their business with a website. 


Introducing UI/UX Design Course 

  •  Likes: 869
  • Comments: 405
  • Shares: 123

👍  Why we like this post:

  • The image is catchy with the most striking color in the middle.
  • The details of the course are included in the post.

💡 Idea: Offer your own website-building course on Facebook!



  • Likes: 7.8K
  • Comments: 172
  • Shares: 180

👍  Why we like this post:

  • It focuses on its audience–how everyone should focus on themselves and their careers. They also made a public commitment to support their employees, something that everyone wants. 
  • It was timely. The post was added in January, New Year’s, a time when people write their own resolutions (but never really do–for some). 

💡 Idea: Create your own New Year’s Resolution list and include building a website


Facebook continues to be the reigning champion for social media websites. It’s still a great space to keep your audience informed and in the loop. When you create posts, keep an eye out for:

  1. Nice graphics. Facebook is viewed on mobile devices and desktop computers. Your images should look nice, so keep an eye out for your image pixels! 
  2. Timeliness. Time your posts depending on the season, and days. Here’s a quick tip on when’s the best time to post on Facebook.




  • Comments: 8
  • Retweets: 102
  • Likes: 352

👍  Why we like this post:

  • It’s the first release for the new year. People are always excited about new features, and the post is just timely.
  • The bold yet plain share image is enough to make the audience stop when they scroll through their Twitter feed.

💡 Idea: Compile Strikingly’s new feature releases (we release new features every week!) and tweet it as a thread every month! 



  • Comments: 35
  • Retweets: 504
  • Likes: 1.8K

👍  Why we like this post:

  • It's a personal testimonial and inspiration. This person introduced himself, then proceeded to share websites where his audience can get website design inspiration. Recommendations are gold on social media, especially from experts.
  • “10 websites” was mentioned in the first tweet. Unlike other threads that seem to just go on and on, the audience expectations are set properly. 

💡 Idea: Create your own personal testimonial like, “I am a Strikingly expert..” and list down your favorite features.  



  • Comments: 19
  • Retweets: 642
  • Likes: 1,866

👍  Why we like this post:

  • It’s bold and creates a very strong statement. It resonates with her audience well. 
  • The post answers the most common questions posted by anyone who wants to have his/her own business. Who doesn’t want these questions answered?
  • Encourages everyone to ask questions–the first rule of engagement. Ask. 

💡 Idea: Create bold statements and answer basic website-building questions


Twitter is a place where most brands and businesses try to dig deeper into their target audience's interests. When you make tweets, here are a few reminders:

  1. Build your profile first. Follow relevant people and grow your audience. 
  2. Don’t try to sell all the time. Offer value and advice. Add humor. People don’t like being sales talked. 
  3. Always use the right hashtags to reach more people. 




  • Likes: 2,773
  • Comments: 134

👍  Why we like this post:

  • The graphics are clean, and the important elements are in big, bold letters. 
  • The post shows a number that is presented as a fact. Using numbers to make claims is better than just stating the fact. It’s just more believable. 
  • The post makes sense, and it’s something that people actually experience. Ads are more personalized because it resonates with people’s stories. Add that with a number and shazam! Powerful message. 

💡 Idea: Find an interesting website/startup/e-commerce statistic online, make a graphic, and post it on IG. Something like, “44% of small businesses plan to have a website in 2021.” 

  • Views: 62K
  • Comments: 82

👍  Why we like this post:

  • It’s him again! Tiktok-type videos are just perfect anywhere because they are so easy to consume because they’re short. 
  • Just like his TikTok videos, he introduces his content in the first few seconds. 
  • His information is really valuable because it benefits everyone, not just a specific type of person.
  • His video feels amateurish, and it works. Anyone who watches his video feels like they can do the same exact video without any professional skills or help. Again, relatable. 

💡 Idea: 6 Strikingly Features I Am Obsessed With



  • Likes: 1,302
  • Comments: 213

👍  Why we like this post:

  • It’s a list, but it’s not the usual list. A tad creative in terms of presentation, but it didn’t sacrifice the message that it wants to get across. 
  • The description is a summary of the information on the image. If you can’t read the image (Because small device screen? Looking at you, iPhone 13 mini), you’d still be compelled because of the “teaser” on the description. 
  • It’s how to make money ON INSTAGRAM, posted on INSTAGRAM. It’s not how to make money on Instagram, posted on Facebook. It makes total sense. 

💡 Idea: 8 Ways how to market your website on Instagram


UI/UX Design Trends 

  • Likes: 2,108
  • Comments: 28

👍  Why we like this post:

  • The graphics are such eye candies! 😍
  • They didn’t cram all information in one image. They created a series of images that created anticipation. 
  • “Trends” + Current Year = Very timely post. 

💡 Idea: Website design trends in 2022 (and showcase screenshots of actual Strikingly websites)


Instagram is highly visual, but you don’t need a very visual product to market on IG. When you create posts, always do the following:

  1. Create well-crafted photos and visuals. There are a lot of free tools out there for you to use, so use them!
  2. Use Instagram Stories–they come in slideshow formats, and they always appear on top of your follower timelines. 
  3. Add video shorts. Videos are perfect for every social media channel.  



26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website - Infographic

  • Repins: 4,772
  • Save: 4772
  • Likes: 782
  • Comments: 9

👍  Why we like this pin:

  • It’s an infographic with so much info included in one image. 
  • It doesn’t link me anywhere else. Pinterest can be a rabbit hole for links when all you need is an image. 

💡 Idea: “10 Things to Prepare Before You Build a Website” (yeah, 26 can be too much)


Damn LOL is coming soon 

  • Repins: 4,701
  • Save: 31,243 
  • Likes: 2,025
  • Comments: 19

👍  Why we like this pin:

  • It features an amazing product–real or not. 
  • It shows how the product works without using any words or text. 
  • The product details are clear, like a product manual. Very straightforward in communicating information. 

💡 Idea: Create an anatomy of the Strikingly website builder–show how easy it is to use.


5 things you must do before making money with your blog

  • Repins: 3,658
  • Save: 3,658 
  • Likes: 642
  • Comments: 7

👍  Why we like this pin:

  • The title features 2 keywords: 5 and money. Five (5) means it’s a short list, and money means that people can earn from it. People love short lists on how to earn. 
  • Pinterest is used as a jump-off point to a blog post. This is useful to drive more traffic on your website or blog. 

💡 Idea: Top 5 ways to make money from your Strikingly site. 


Pinterest is a platform known for finding new ideas or sharing your new ideas. It’s not the usual social media platform where you upload images of your recent vacation or catch up with friends. This implies that people who are on Pinterest are actively searching for new things. When you make pins, make sure that you:

  1. Turn your ideas into inspiring, engaging content. Your images should tell the story of your article or brand. Add context.
  2. Use a mix of images, videos, and blog posts. Videos do well in any social media platform, but images are really defaulted and can be easily repinned. 
  3. Don’t forget to add your link! 


Other Content

Online Courses

Free Course: Beginner Web Design using HTML5, CSS3 & Visual Studio Code

  • Views: 1,414,371 views
  • Likes: 35K
  • Comments: 1,907

👍  Why we like this course:

  • It’s free! We’re all suckers for free. Even exercise files can be downloaded absolutely free. 
  • It feels like an actual course because it’s 4 hours–like your extended college class over the weekend. 
  • Although the video is 4 hours long, it’s a teaser for an entire course (28 videos) that can be accessed via a monthly subscription. 

💡 Idea: Create one (1) free online course on how to create a website on Strikingly, and a series of paid courses that features how to set up powerful e-commerce, or gain more traffic for your Strikingly e-commerce store. 


SEO success with Tim Soulo: Tips for Course creators 

  • Views: 68K
  • Likes: 62

👍  Why we like this course:

  • It’s an interactive course in an interview format. It’s more interactive than just one person speaking. 
  • The course is short at 39:34 minutes. 
  • The introduction didn’t even take 1 minute! Some course creators spend minutes introducing themselves and their sponsors–boring.

💡 Idea: Get a friend and have this friend interview you about creating websites on Strikingly. Prepare a script if you need to but make it look more spontaneous. 


Free Canva Beginner’s Course

  • Students: Over 10,000 people completed the course

👍  Why we like this course:

  • It’s a free course, and it’s very easy to sign up.
  • It has its own website page, but the courses are done via a Facebook Group. This is something that you can also replicate. 
  • The course only takes an hour. Not too long, and I don’t have to set aside half of my day to finish an entire course. 

💡 Idea: Create your own website with Strikingly, offer a free course, and share your affiliate link with your students. 


Online courses are a great way to sell Strikingly to your audience because you're not just selling them Strikingly, you're also teaching them a new set of skills. You can also monetize your course content by creating a series. When you go this route, always remember to:

  1. Always create an outline and include it in your video or comments. This way, your audience knows exactly what they will learn. 
  2. Provide good visuals and screen shares. A blurry video will make elements hard to read, and your students won't know what you're clicking. 
  3. Provide exercises. This will stimulate learning and will make your students feel like "actual students" who are actually learning something.


Q&A Websites

Quora: There are tons of website builders out there (Wix, Strikingly, WordPress, and the list goes on!). Which one of them do I know is the best fit for my startup?

👍  Why we like this post:

  • The “asker” asked a valid question. With tons of options out there, how do you choose the right website builder for your startup?
  • It’s an open platform, and anyone can answer. 

💡 Idea: Respond to questions of this sort. Either include a link to your website where your affiliate link is, or add your own affiliate link to your response. 


Reddit: In 18 months, I went from no coding experience to selling apps to the NBA, NHL, and Berkshire Hathaway. Then, I released my code under a public license. 2-year follow-up, AMA!

👍  Why we like this post: 

  • The post is a testimonial–how the Redditor who had no idea how to code went to selling apps and got rich from it. He documented his story.
  • People love success stories. And they always derive lessons from somebody else’s experience.

💡 Idea: Document your affiliate marketing journey with Strikingly: from day 1 to your first sale. 


Product Hunt: Startup Stash

👍  Why we like this post: 

  • A very useful list of applications that are useful for startups. Startups are the core drivers of innovation–and they are everywhere! They’re also looking for tools. 
  • It’s an open thread, and anyone can comment.   

💡 Idea: Respond to posts about startup tools, or create your own list and post it on different forums. 

Q&A Websites allow you to create quality backlinks to your website or affiliate link just by answering questions. When you answer questions, make sure that you:

  1. Only answer relevant questions. The goal is to get your answer upvoted, so it always shows up on top with your link. Avoid looking spammy by answering irrelevant questions. 
  2. Keep it subtle. Don't sound too sales-y. People don't want to be sales talked about all the time. 
  3. Respond to responses on your answer. This creates engagement and people are more to trust you.
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