Strikingly Branding Guidelines


We created this document to provide Strikingly Brand Assets and to guide you on how to visually present Strikingly’s brand assets at all times. 


Strikingly encourages and supports any media, partner, and other products or services that introduce, promote, and supplement Strikingly. At the same time, we aim to protect our brand identity and reputation. We ask you to follow these brand guidelines to help us present a unified voice to all our stakeholders and avoid consumer confusion. 

All of Strikingly’s brand assets are proprietary. If you opt to use any trademarks, logos, designs, and/or other brand assets, you acknowledge your acceptance of our Strikingly Brand Guidelines. The use of any Strikingly brand assets may also be covered by Strikingly Terms of Service, Strikingly Privacy Policy, and Strikingly Affiliate Program Agreement


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The Strikingly logo is a simple wordmark, white-on-purple or purple-on-white. Do not stretch, crop, rotate, recolor, or distort the logo. Ensure there is enough space around the logo.






Our brand embodies simplicity, with a hint of playfulness. Purple is our primary brand color.






Our primary font is Open Sans, an open-source font available at Google Fonts



What You Can Do:

  • Use Strikingly brand assets only to refer to Strikingly, our products and services. 
  • Use Strikingly brand assets in a respectful manner–promote in good taste and only make accurate representation of our brand, products, and services. 
  • Link to or when using Strikingly brand assets. 

What You Cannot Do:

  • Don’t use and/or feature Strikingly brand assets connected to or associated with prohibited content, fraud, or spam. 
  • Don’t use our brand assets that suggest sponsorship and/or endorsement by Strikingly without written consent from us. 
  • Don’t modify or alter any brand assets, including the color, shape, proportion, or orientation.
  • Don’t combine Strikingly brand with other brand assets to create a single, unified element or image. 
  • Don’t use Strikingly brand assets in merchandise or products for sale like mugs, shirts, and the like. 
  • Don’t use our brand assets in any way that may harm us, our products, and our services. You cannot use our brand assets in a manner in which, from our opinion, damages our reputation and the goodwill of our brand assets.


We reserve the right to ask you to take down any use of our brand assets or take legal action if you fail to comply with our Strikingly Brand Guidelines or infringe on any of Strikingly trademarks. 


Our brand guidelines may be modified any time without notice to you. You will be responsible for following our modified terms. Make sure to regularly visit our Strikingly Brand Guidelines.


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