Accordion / FAQ Section


Note: This section is available for Pro and above users.

The accordion / FAQ section allows you to display text content in a sliding accordion format. Each item can be clicked to expand to show the full text. This is a great way to display frequently asked questions to your visitors, or other detailed content that is hidden behind a click.

To add this section, go to “Add New Section” > “Text” > “Accordion / FAQ”.__2021-11-19_10.16.03.png


How do I edit this section?

  • To edit the text of a “question”, hover over the question area and click on the "Edit" button.__2021-11-19_10.19.28.png


  • To edit the text of an “answer”, click on the answer area.
    • If the answer is collapsed, please click on the question area first to expand the answer.__2021-11-19_13.28.51.png


  • To add more Q&A items, click on the “Add Item” button __2021-11-19_13.30.43.png


How do I change the layout?

Click on the layout panel, you will be able to change the layout, columns, and color.

  • You can select one or two columns. In a two-column layout, your Q&As go down the left column first, then the right column.
  • The color options depend on your theme color.__2021-11-19_13.36.33.png__2021-11-19_13.57.09.png
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