Add Ads.txt and App-ads.txt to Domain Root


Note: This feature is only available for Pro and above users.


Note: You must have a custom domain to add Ads.txt and App-ads.txt. 


Ads.txt and App-ads.txt may be useful if you are a content publisher who is selling advertisement space on your site (or your app connected to your site), such as with Google AdSense or AdMob. If you are not displaying ads from an ad network, you don’t need to worry about this setting at all.

What are Ads.txt and App-ads.txt?

Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers file) is a file listing all the companies that are authorized to sell ads on your site. It can help buyers identify counterfeit inventory and help you receive more advertiser spend that might have otherwise gone toward that counterfeit inventory. To create an ads.txt file, you can manually compile a list of sellers and publisher IDs separated by commas, or retrieve ads.txt files from third parties such as Google AdSense. Learn more about Ads.txt


App-ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers file for Apps) is similar to Ads.txt, but used for native apps. Before adding App-ads.txt, you will need to connect your apps to the current domain by including the website URL in app store listings. Learn more about App-ads.txt

How do I add Ads.txt and App-ads.txt? 


To add Ads.txt and App-ads.txt to your site, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Services’ > ‘Ads.txt & App-ads.txt’ 

  • Click “Set Ads.txt & App-Ads.txt”. Select the “Ads.txt” tab to paste your Ads.txt. Click the “App-ads.txt” tab to paste your App-ads.txt. 

  • Click the “Save” button.


How can I verify whether Ads.txt or App-ads.txt is added to my site successfully? 


You can view the Ads.txt and App-ads.txt by visiting your site’s root domain and adding ‘/ads.txt’ or ‘/app-ads.txt’ to the end of the URL. For example: or

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