Managing Your Contacts

It's now easier for website owners to collect and manage contacts from email sign ups, blog subscribers, and even customers from the online store! This feature can be accessed within the account dashboard, in the "Audience" page.


You can now do the following within one page:


View your subscribers from "Contact/Sign-up" form, Blog Subscription, Customer (Buyer)

1. Click the "Select another site" button and tick the sites where the forms are. Choose "Select all" to see all sign ups from all your websites. Click the button again to apply the filter.

2. Then select the source from the tabs (where the sign ups came). 




  • Signup form - Contacts collected from the Signup form section. It contains name and email.
  • Contact form - Contact form submissions. Entries may include: name, email, phone, and message.
  • Blog Subscriber - Users/visitors who subscribed to any of your blog posts. It contains email address only
  • Live Chat - Customers who went on chat through your website.
  • Membership - These are your customers who either registered as members or those you granted membership to.
  • Store Customer - Contact info from buyers in any site's Simple Store.
  • Manually Imported - Contacts added either by manual entry or by importing CSV (comma separated values). Please note that this filter would only work without the site filter (Filter by site) as the entries did not go through any of the signup forms on your website/s.



Editing Contacts

You can manually change them in the Audience page. Check out these steps:

  1. Access your subscriber list and click on the contact you'd like to edit
  2.  Clik the "Edit Info" button to start editing.


  3. Fill out the necessary fields and hit "Save".

    Note: The Email field is uneditable.


Delete Contacts /Mark Contacts As Spam

You can manually mark your contacts as spam to prevent them from contacting you again on any of your sites. You can do that by:

  1. Going to the "Audience" menu.
  2. Select the contacts you'd like to delete or mark as spam by clicking on the tickboxes. This would enable the "Delete" and "Spam"  buttons.


  3. Click "Delete" to completely remove contact. Deleting it completely removes the contact from the list, and if the same contact submits the same info, it will be captured as new contact. 

    Selecting "Mark as spam" however, blocks any succeeding collection or submission of the same contact. To unblock, 


Exporting Contacts

If you need to download and manage your contacts offline, you can export them in a CSV file.  You can do that by:

  1. In your account, in the "Audience" page, click "More Options"
  2. Pick "Export CSV" from the menu.


  3. Once downloaded, you can open the file using Microsoft Excel.

Search Audience By Name or Email

Lost track of a conversation? Search your audience for a name or email! No more sifting through pages of contacts.



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