Add Shipping Fee per Item Weight

A heavy product and a light product might not have the same shipping fee. Now in your product editor, you can specify a weight for each product (in kg or lb). Then head to your shipping settings and specify a rule to calculate a shipping fee based on an order's total weight. You can even set different rules for different shipping regions. During checkout, our system will automatically compute the shipping cost and add it to the total price.


Setting Up Product Weight

  1. Go to your site editor > Settings > Store > Products. 


  2. If you don't have a product yet, click "Add New Product". Add in your images, product description, and specify the weight of your product. If you have existing products, click "Edit Product".

    You should find the item weight under "Shipping". Make sure to tick the box beside "Shipping info required from your customers?" so the item weight appears! 


    If your product has variations, you can also use a different weight for each variation.


  3. Click "Save" when you're done. Once you add weight to your products, set up your shipping fee.  


Setting Up Shipping Fee per Weight 

  1. Go to your editor > Settings > Store > Shipping > Add Shipping Option. 


  2. Under "Shipping Rules", click the dropdown and select "By Order Weight". On the next dropdown, you can choose between kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb) for your weight system. 


  3. There are two shipping fee options:
    A. Base cost + Per kg cost. This is the default option. You add base shipping cost, and fees for each additional kg/lb.

    • Base cost - minimum shipping price
    • Per kg/lb cost - shipping cost on top of the base cost per additional kg/lb
  •  B. By Weight Range. You can also choose to add weight ranges and a price for each range. To do that, follow these steps:
    1. Click the "Edit weight ranges" link in blue. 


    2. Set your weight range and hit “Save” when you’re done.


    3. Add your shipping fee for each weight range that you created.


    4. Click the green "Update" button when you're done! 


Please note that: 

  • You can add up to 5 weight ranges only. 
  • The weight range accepts up to 2 decimal points. If you input more than two decimal numbers, it will be rounded off. 
  • Negative numbers are not accepted. 
  • The succeeding weight range will be 0.01 kg/lb higher than your previous range.


Your shipping fee will be automatically computed on checkout and added to the total price.



Applying Shipping Fee per Region

You can set different shipping fees for different regions. To add more regions, click the grey “Add Region” button, select the region where you want to apply your next weight ranges, and follow the steps above (Setting Up Shipping Fee per Weight). 


You can add up to 20 regions. But if you want a one shipping fee for overseas shipping, you can select "The World/Rest of the World (if other regions are selected)".


Shipping Fee Calculations

A. Using Base Cost and Per kb/lb Cost

The formula used in calculating the shipping fee would be:  base cost + (per kg cost x order weight)

For example:


If your order weighs 0.5kg, then the shipping fee will be computed as: $10.00 + ($5.00 x 0.5 kg) = $12.50 (shipping fee)

However, if your order weighs 2.75 kg, then the shipping fee will be computed as $10.00 + ($5.00 x 2.75 kg) = $23.75 (shipping fee)

If your customers buy 3 products with a total weight of 3.17 kg, it will be computed as follows: $10.00 + ($5.00 x 3.17 kg) = $25.85 (shipping fee)


B. Shipping Fee Using Weight Range

When weight ranges are set, the shipping fee will be based on the price that you set per range. 

For example:



If your order weighs 1 kg and you're shipping it to the United States, the shipping fee will be $5.00. 

On the other hand, if your order weighs 2.25 kg and you're shipping to Canada, the cost will be $11.00. 

But if your customers buy 2 products with a total weight of 12 kg, here's how the shipping fee will be computed:

     (if shipping to the United States) $7.00 + ((12 kg - 4.00 kg) x $1.00) = $15.00

     (if shipping to Canada) $12.00 + ((12 kg - 4.00 kg) x $1.00 = $20.00


That's it! If you have challenges setting up your shipping fee, feel free to send us a message or chat with us

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