Upload Custom Fonts

You can upload your own custom font and use it when you design your website. This is a great feature if you want to push your branding because typography is an extension of your brand.


To upload your own font, please follow these steps:


1. Inside your site editor, click the "Styles" button located on the upper left panel. 



2. Select "Fonts" and choose the text that you want to change (Title, Heading, Text, Button).

3. Click "Upload Custom Font" from the selection window. 


4. Select the font file from your local computer. We currently support ttf, otf, woff, and woff2 file types. 


5. Your new font is now uploaded! 





  • You can upload a total of 25 custom fonts for your account. If you want to upload new fonts after you reach the 25 limits, you can delete previously uploaded fonts. 
  • Please limit your font file size to 5 MB.  
  • All fonts uploaded are available to all sites within your account. 
  • Should you decide to downgrade or cancel your account, fonts in your website will go back to the theme's default font. 


If you're having issues uploading your own font or selecting the right font for your website, shoot us an email or talk to us! 

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