Add Strikingly Live Chat to Your Site!

Live Chat is a fantastic way to get leads on your site and to make sure your audience stays engaged. A human touch goes a long way to build trust in your business.

You can now add a Live Chat widget directly to your site. Here's what it looks like: 



Adding Live Chat

Note: The Live Chat function requires an Audience Plan or a VIP Plan to enable. (An Audience Plan is an add-on plan that you can add on top of any Pro or Limited plan. The Audience Plan lets you adjust the audience size that's appropriate for your business.)

Once your account can activate Live Chat, you can enable it here:

Tip: Use your first name and a beautiful headshot of your face to make your visitors much more likely to chat with you. Visitors want to see that a real person is behind your site!


Enabling Phone Notifications

We recommend enabling notifications in your Strikingly phone app so you can always get notified if a visitor reaches out to you in Live Chat. Just download our iPhone app or Android app and log in to start receiving notifications! Just tap on the notification to reply directly to your visitor audience from your phone.

Note: The Strikingly app must be running in the background on your phone/tablet to receive notifications.


Enabling Desktop Notifications

We recommend enabling notifications in your browser so you can get notified if a visitor reaches out to you in Live Chat. If you're using Chrome or Firefox, you will receive notifications as long as your browser is open (or running in the background), even if you don't have Strikingly open in a tab. If you accidentally disabled notifications and would like to re-enable them, read this guide for Chrome or this guide for Firefox.

Make sure you allow notifications on!




Responding to Visitors

You can see incoming Live Chat messages by opening a browser tab to Click on a visitor contact to respond to those visitors.

The desktop notification is a shortcut to enter the chat screen, even if you don't have the Strikingly dashboard open in a browser tab. See the above sections on how to set up desktop notifications.

You can also respond to visitors through the Strikingly App on iOS or Android. You can receive a mobile notification whenever someone messages you on your site, and you can immediately tap on the notification to start chatting with the visitor through our phone app.


Setting Up Email Prompts 

You can choose whether to prompt your site visitors to enter their email before they start chatting with you. Check out how to activate it for your site. Requiring users to enter their email address before chatting might reduce conversion to live chat a bit, but it ensures that you can always reach back out to those visitors via email, even if they leave your site.

The best part about Live Chat is that all visitors who enter the system are automatically added to your contact list. Even if you're offline, you can collect email addresses and messages and respond to the visitor at your convenience. Or, you can export these email addresses and use your own mailing list.





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