Mail for Windows 8/8.1 Email Setup

Note: Please make sure that you can login to your My Strikingly Email account first before you setup your email with Mail for Windows 8/8.1. Also, make sure that your PC is logged in on your Microsoft account in order to use Windows Mail.

Mail for Windows 8/8.1 (Windows Mail) is the default mail client you can use on your Windows PCs.  If you'd like to easily manage your emails on your device, you can follow these steps:


1. Open Mail from your Windows 8/8.1 PC.


Note that it could be anywhere on your Winows 8/8.1 default Start view.

*If you are on the desktop view, you can search for it using the search tool (hover your mouse on the top right corner of your desktop and click on the search icon). 


2. Click on 'View all in Settings' and select 'Other Account'.


3. Click on the 'IMAP' radio button and click on the 'Connect' button (this button will not be enabled unless you have selected which kind of email account you will set up).


4. Fill in your email address and password and click on 'Connect' button. 


5. Fill in the necessary details and click 'Connect' button.


Email address: The full email address of your account

User name: The full email address of your account

Password: The password for your email account

Incoming email server:; Port: 993

Outgoing (SMTP) email server:; Port: 465


You're done! Windows will now configure your email automatically.


If you're still having issues setting up your email, chat with us here!

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