Changing Password for Your Email Account

You can change your email password after you login to your My Strikingly Email account.


1. Select "Settings" from the left menu

2. Click Password > Change Password.



3. Type in your old password, then your new password. You need to retype your new password to confirm. 


What makes a strong password?

  • Use a combination of upper case and lower case letters. 
  • Use numbers and special characters. 
  • Never use your birthday or anniversary as passwords. 
  • Avoid using your child, pet or husband/wife's name on your password. 

Here's our recommendation:

  • To make your passwords easier to remember, use a word and replace letters with numbers. For instance, MyMuppets can be @MyMu443t$


When do I need to change my password?

  • After you login on your email for the first time 
  • Every 3 months to better secure your account


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