Strikingly Email: Email Attachment Size Limit and Storage Limit

What is Strikingly Email's attachment size limit?

You can send up to 27 MB in attachments. If you have more than one attachment, they can't add up to more than 27 MB. If you want to share large files, we recommend that you store them in the Files section (any type of file) or any cloud service, and share the file rather than attaching it to an email.



How much email/file storage do I have?

Your email account has a capacity of 5 GB of storage for archiving your messages/files. 


Can I increase my attachment or storage limit?

The attachment limit can't be increased. It's also worth noting that some mail servers do not accept large file attachments. If you send a file that's too large, chances are your recipient will not receive it. 

To buy more storage, you can contact us to add it for you. The charge for extra storage is US$25/5 GB per year.


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