Strikingly Email: Setting Up an Email Autoresponder

Autoresponders are useful if you're going away for vacations and you want your email senders to be notified. If you don't have a custom email address, visit Strikingly Email: Creating Custom Email Addresses.


To Set Up an Email Autoresponder

1. Log in to MyStrikingly Email.

2. Click "Settings" from the left menu.

3. Select "Autoresponder". 



4. Tick "Enabled" to activate your autoresponder. 

  • (Optional) Set the interval date. You can choose the number of days before the same recipient will receive your auto-response message. The default value is one day.
  • (Optional) You can also choose to set the day when the auto-response message is in effect. 
  • In the Autoresponse Text field, type in the message that you want your recipients to receive. 



5. Click "Save" when you're done! 


In case you need assistance, contact us at or chat with us

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