Strikingly Email: Using Thunderbird to Send and Receive Emails

Thunderbird is a free email client that you can use to easily manage your emails. If you don't have a custom email address, visit Strikingly Email: Creating Custom Email Addresses.



Before You Begin

Prepare your email account and password. Before you set up an email client, make sure you can log in to your webmail, click here to log in to your MyStrikingly Email. To change the system-generated password, visit Strikingly Email: Changing Password.

If you'd like to receive all emails sent to your MyStrikingly email to your other inbox, you can set up email forwarding



To Set Up Thunderbird

1. Open Thunderbird from your computer.  

2. Click File > New > Existing Email Account.


3. Fill in the details on the Setup window. 

  • Your name - Your recipients will see this name when they receive your message
  • Email address - The complete email address of your email account
  • Password - The password for your email account


4. Thunderbird will then try to lookup common configurations to set up your email. Click "Manual Config".


5. Enter the required email settings below:

  • Incoming
    • Type - IMAP
    • Server hostname -
    • Port - 993
    • SSL - SSL/TLS
    • Authentication - Normal Password
  • Outgoing
    • Server hostname -
    • Port - 465
    • SSL - SSL/TLS
    • Authentication - Normal Password


5. Click "Re-Test". Thunderbird will test your account settings and the account creation will be complete.



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