How can I forward/redirect my domain from another registrar to my Strikingly domain?

How to set up a domain redirect? 

Main Domain:

Forwarding Domain:

  1. Login to the forwarding domain’s registrar.
  2. Set up URL Forwarding: forwards to (no masking)
  3. Create a subdomain forwarding: forwards to (no masking)

Note: You can’t set up a CNAME (forwarding domain) and point it to the main domain.


What if the user doesn’t have URL forwarding? (because not all registrars have a URL Forwarding function)

Use Namecheap’s free DNS service to change the forwarding domain’s nameservers. Once the domain is migrated to Namecheap, follow the steps in this guide: Namecheap FreeDNS / My Registrar has no DNS settings.


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