Setting Up Taxes for Simple Store (US)

For sellers in the United States, Simple Store offers a way to easily charge a flat sales tax on all products in your shop. Note that this feature is only available for Pro users and businesses in the US that have a sales tax ID. Taxes can be extremely complicated so be sure to consult a tax professional for questions about applicable tax laws.

Getting Started

To set up sales tax, go into the [SETTINGS] panel in your Simple Store dashboard and select [TAXES].

Once you’ve decided on a tax rate with your tax advisor, enter the tax rate in the field. This will apply the flat tax rate to all orders (excluding shipping). Your tax rate applies to:

  • The subtotal before shipping cost is added on (if applicable)
  • The subtotal after discounts (if applicable)
  • Every item in your shop
  • Every location you ship to


Taxes will appear in your buyer’s checkout process like this:


We don’t have an accounting feature for calculating the amount of taxes you’ve collected through your shop but you’ll be able to export the data through the order management dashboard, in a CSV. file here:

In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.


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