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Cookies are bits of information your site stores to provide core functionality to your site, enable analytics, and improve your visitors’ browsing experience by remembering their preferences. Most websites use cookies to remember bits of information about visitors between pages and visits.


Do I need to enable the cookie notification for my site?

EU Cookie Law requires all websites based in the EU (including sites that get traffic from EU countries) to get site visitors’ consent to use cookies. It’s a good practice to enable this feature, to ensure your visitors understand how cookies are used.


How can I comply with the EU directive?

You can find the option to show a cookie notification by going to your site Settings > Show Advanced > Privacy & Legal.


This is how the notification will appear on your site: 


Your visitors can choose to “accept all” or select specific cookies in Settings. There are three types of cookies on a site: Necessary Cookies, Analytics Cookies, and Preferences Cookies.


Note: If a visitor rejects Analytics cookies, the page view statistics you see on the Analytics page may be lower than the actual numbers.

Note: If you added the “App Store & HTML” section to your site, those third-party cookies are out of our control. You may need to remove the third-party app to comply with EU cookie law. 

Note: The language of the cookie policy is set by your Site Language setting. You can find this in Settings > Basic Info > Site Language. __2021-04-19_14.46.17.png


Where can I read more about cookies?

Check out Cookipedia - they’re leading experts on all things cookie-related.


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