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Cookies are bits of information your site collects to improve your visitor's browsing experience by remembering their preferences and enable other cookie-based features (e.g. analytics). Most websites use cookies now - to remember bits of information about the visitors between pages and visits.


Do I need to enable the cookie notification for my site?

EU Cookie Law requires all websites based in the EU (including sites that get traffic from EU countries) to get site visitors’ consent to use cookies. 


How can I comply with the EU directive?

If you live in the EU, you'll see the option to show a Cookie notification in your [SETTINGS] panel.

Enable your cookie notification in [SETTINGS] > [SHOW ADVANCED] > [LEGAL]. 

This is how the notification will appear on your site: 

The cookie policy is also available in French and Spanish. Change the language of the cookie notification by going into your editor’s Settings panel again. Select [BASIC INFO] > [SITE LANGUAGE]. 


Can I ignore this cookie notification?

Yes, you can ignore the directive IF you’re not based in the EU and your site traffic isn’t from the EU.


Where can I read more about cookies?

Check out Cookipedia - they’re leading experts on all things cookie-related.


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