Add Terms of Service or Privacy Policy

Can I add a terms of service, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. to my site?

Certain countries require a "Terms & Conditions" or a "Privacy Policy" to be displayed on your website. This is especially true for eCommerce sites. We've added a simple way to display your policies on your site.




How to add Terms & Conditions to my site?

1. Go to your [SETTINGS] panel on the left sidebar:

2. Select [ADVANCED] and [LEGAL]. You'll see the option to "Show Terms & Conditions".

3. Copy and paste your policy into text field and click [UPDATE]. Your Terms & Condition policy will be displayed in the footer of your site and in Simple Store's checkout flow. 

4. Do one quick check to make sure you've checked off the "Display footer at the bottom of the page" option. Otherwise, your Terms & Conditions won't be displayed in your site footer!

5. Publish your changes and check your live site.


Where is the Terms & Conditions shown on my page? 

Once you've uploaded your Terms & Conditions, your policy will be shown in the footer.


Once your visitors click on the Terms & Conditions, they'll see a pop up display of your policy like this: 

If you're using our Simple Store section for your eCommerce site, your visitors will also see the Terms & Conditions policy in the checkout flow. 

How can I link to my Terms and Conditions? 

Once you've set up your Terms & Conditions, Grab the link to your Terms and Conditions here: 


If you're looking to change the "Terms & Conditions" text to French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Dutch, or Swedish, go to your SETTINGS panel here to turn on your site language. 


We hope that you'll find this feature useful! Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at or chat with us.

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