Slider Section FAQs

The slider section is an animated section available for PRO users - you can add multiple slides and change up the look of the slider by selecting different layouts.


The slider section has three layouts: 

How do I add the new Slider section to my site? I would love to use this!

  • To add a slider section, click on “Add New Section” (left panel of your site editor) and select “Media Slider” from the section list. Your slider section will now be added to your site!
  • If you want to move your slider section, click and hold the three horizontal lines beside your section name. Drag it up or down, depending on where you want your slider section to be.

I want to create a gallery of images using the sliders. How many slides can I add?

  • You can add 20 slides for each section. If you want to create a gallery section, your images will be limited to 20.

Can I change the order of the sliders?

  • You can re-order the slides in the section by clicking the "Slider" button at the top right corner. You can click and drag the slides from the slider menu, then re-arrange them in the order that you'd like them displayed.

Can you tell me the image size in the Slider Section (Fresh Template)?

  • Sections collapse and expand depending on the content. If you want your slider section to expand, here’s a trick--click on any text box (with or without text) and add more spaces by hitting Enter (from your keyboard) a few times. The section will think you have more content so that it will expand!

How can I reposition the text in the slider section?

  • Try different layouts for a slide by clicking the [LAYOUT] button at the slider section's top right corner. 
  • If you want the text on the side but don’t want the foreground image, click on the latter and choose "Remove". 

How would the slider section look on my mobile?

  • The background image will be scaled to fit your mobile screen. Depending on your background setting, it may be stretched or centered.
  • The foreground image will appear on top of the text.
  • The call-to-action button will be at the bottom of the section.

I want to change the color of the button on my slider. Can I do that from my end?

  • Yes! You can change the color of the button by clicking it and selecting "Design".  Don't forget to click "Save" after customizing the color. 

If you have more questions about the slider section, email us at or chat with us.

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