Affiliate FAQs

Strikingly Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission by referring customers to our website. We will give you graphics and links that you can place on your website, blog, or channel. When someone upgrades to any of our paid plans through those links, we give you commission!
Get started!
Go to this page: and login or sign up! Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to display your affiliate links and banners on your site.
What is the best spot on my site to place the Strikingly banners/links on?
You can place the banners/links where someone can't miss them ie your site's home page, navigation bar, etc. 
What are the Strikingly plans that I can promote?
You can promote any of the following plans:
- Pro Two-year plan, $336 billed every 2 years
- Limited Two-year plan, $168 billed every 2 years
- Pro Yearly plan, $192 billed every year
- Limited Yearly plan, $96 billed every year
- Pro Monthly plan, $20 billed every month
- Limited Monthly plan, $12 billed every month
P.S. Pro and Limited Two-year/Yearly plan come with a free domain that is worth $24.95/year.
How much can I earn?
You'll earn up to $57.60 or 30% of the first payment of each person you introduce.
Note: You will get slightly lower commission for subscriptions with discount coupon code. Referrals should sign up using your referral URL. Otherwise, it will not be counted.
When will I get paid?
After the trial ends and a successful referral is billed, you will get a pending commission that will be reviewed in:
120 days for a 2-year plan
60 days for a yearly plan
10 days for a monthly plan
Note: When a user cancels his/her plan before the given period ends (as stated above), the commission will be cancelled. Approved commissions will be paid to you in a monthly batch basis.
What happens when a payment fails or fraud is detected?
If a payment was reversed due to a dispute or fraud, the commission will be cancelled. 
We will contact you immediately when we detect suspicious activity and we'll revoke your affiliate status.
For more information, terms, and legal information, please visit:

In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.
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