Strikingly Affiliate FAQs


The Strikingly Affiliate Program is open for all Strikingly users even free users! The signup process is as easy as a click. Share Strikingly and earn up to US$619.20 per referral.


In this article, you will learn:


How do I become a Strikingly Affiliate?

  1. Head on over to, or click the Affiliate button in the navigation menu (the yellow trophy icon).
  2. Review and agree to our terms and conditions, then click “Get Your Affiliate Link”.d2f1b4a3-8008-495c-a05f-bcd0fd0c5d28_5.png
  3. You’ll receive your unique affiliate link! Share or publish your link however you’d like to start earning. You can start by posting to social media or sending email invitations.blobid0.png


What do “Your Stats" mean on the Affiliate Dashboard?

  • Affiliate Link Clicks: number of unique visits to your affiliate link, in the given time period
  • Signups Referred: number of sign-ups that came from your link, in the given time period
  • Paid Users Referred: number of referred users who have started paying for a Strikingly plan
  • Commissions Approved: dollar amount that has been approved by Strikingly, and waiting to be paid out
  • Commissions Paid: dollar amount that has been successfully paid out to your PayPal account



How can I get payouts from the Strikingly Affiliate program?

We payout commissions via PayPal. in the Affiliate Dashboard, click the “Connect your PayPal account to receive payouts”. Just enter your PayPal account email address -- that’s it! You can also change this at any time.



How can I import my affiliate link from the legacy affiliate program (called Ambassador)?

If you joined our affiliate program before December 28, 2020, you are using the legacy version of the affiliate program, with a third-party service called “Ambassador.” This service is shutting down in August 2021, which means at that point the legacy links will stop being tracked!


If your legacy link starts with, you need to update the link immediately, including in all places where it’s published. This link will no longer be tracked. Please change this link to your new affiliate link, anywhere you’ve published it!


If your legacy link starts with, you don’t need to change the link where it’s been published, but you will need to import that link into our new system. In the Affiliate Dashboard, click the “Import affiliate link from Ambassador”, and click the link to open a pop-up. 


Then enter your Ambassador account email and click the Verify button. We will send you a validation email to make sure that the account is yours. After you successfully verify your email, your old affiliate link will now be tracked in our new Affiliate Dashboard.


To access the legacy Ambassador system, click here: 


Note: Though the old link is still tracked, it is NOT tracked via the legacy Ambassador service, and that service will not receive attribution anymore. Instead, you’ll receive payouts through Strikingly directly.


Where is the previous rewards page?

If you have unclaimed rewards in the old rewards system, you can find “Looking for free Pro rewards” under YOUR STATS area. Click it to claim your old rewards.



Why is my affiliate account banned?

If you use your affiliate link to refer yourself, or we discover that you are violating our terms and conditions, your affiliate account will be disabled and you will not be awarded commissions.


If you have any questions about your affiliate account, please contact support for further help.



How much can I earn? Which Strikingly plans can I promote? 

You can promote any Strikingly plan. You'll earn 30% of the first payment of each new customer you refer. For example:

  • US$100.80 per Pro Two-year subscription
  • US$57.60 per Limited Two-year subscription
  • US$57.60 per Pro Yearly subscription
  • US$28.80 per Limited Yearly subscription
  • US$6.00 per Pro Monthly subscription

Your customers must sign up using your referral URL. Otherwise, the new customer will not be attributed to you. Your 30% commission is after any discount or promo code, so if your customers use a discount code for their subscription, you will receive a lower commission.



When will commissions be approved? When will they be paid out?

After your referral is successfully billed, your commission will be pending. The pending period lasts for:

  • 120 days for a 2/3/5-year plan
  • 60 days for a yearly plan
  • 10 days for a monthly plan

If the referral cancels their plan before the given period ends, the commission will be canceled and will not be approved.

Approved commissions will be paid to you at the beginning of each calendar month.



What happens when a payment fails or fraud is detected?

If a referred user’s payment was reversed due to a dispute or fraud, any associated commission will be canceled. If we detect suspicious or fraudulent activity associated with your account, we will contact you immediately and we may revoke your affiliate status.

If you need assistance or have more questions, shoot us a line at or chat with us.



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