Using Strikingly For Events (Eventbrite, Eventnook, Peatix)

Can I use Strikingly for my event? 

Yes! Strikingly is a good option for making your event website visually stunning and informative. Include background images, galleries, maps, agendas, and embed your favorite ticketing website. 

How do I sell tickets for my events?

Here are some recommendations for event ticketing, marketing, and management sites. Use them in combination with your Strikingly site to make your event pop! Free events are free on these platforms.

  • Eventbrite. A good tool for ticketing your event and even discovering others. Lots of widgets to embed!
  • Eventnook. An up and coming ticketing platform with great back-end management tools! 
  • Peatix. Transparent and cost-Friendly, No Hidden Fees: Only for the sale of paid tickets will be charged a payment processing fee. And a sleek and mobile-ready platform just like Strikingly. Take a look, try the mobile app too!


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