Create Multi-Language Site

Does Strikingly have multi-language support? 

Strikingly does not have built-in multi-language support, however, users frequently use Strikingly for multiple languages. 

How do I make a multi-language site?

You can create a multi-language site by cloning your primary language site and linking your sites together using "external links". Here's our how-to tutorial: 

You can also use custom code to replace the external links with little flag icons, or ask us to do a special customization for you.

Other ways to create a multi-language site: 

  1. One page.
    You can put both languages in the same box. This is great particularly if you have less text!

  2. Google Translate.
    If you weren't planning to write the text yourself and have Pro, you can add a Google Translate widget to your site as an HTML embed. This would allow users to translate your entire site to their language by using a menu at the top (but the quality is not as consistent).

    a. Get the code from Google Translate.
    b. Go to "Settings"> "Advanced" > "Custom Code" and paste it into your header.
    c. Preview your live site.


Email or chat with us if you have any questions or customization requests!

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