Create Multi-Language Site

How can I create a multi-language site?

Strikingly allows you to easily link together multiple sites to create a multi-language site.

For example, let's say you've created a site in English and published it at To turn this into a multi-language site (e.g. English and Japanese), you can do the following:

1. Activate the Language Switcher in either site’s Settings > Advanced > Multi-language.

2. After activating, you can add multi-language versions of the current site. You can set a language label and a flag icon for each site.

3. Click “Add New Language” and select the language you’d like to add.

4. Select how you’d like to add the new language site. There are 3 different ways you can do this:


Option 1: Connecting an existing site URL

You can directly connect to another site if you have already created a site in the target language. The site can be a Strikingly site or a non-Strikingly site.


Option 2: Clone the current site & manually translate

 If you do not have a created foreign site, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! You can select the second option - your current site will be cloned and you need to manually translate the new site afterward. 

Option 3: Clone the current site & auto-translate

Note: this is a VIP feature.

We’ve adopted Google Translate to help you create a multi-language site within minutes. You’ll need to select the site sections you wish to be auto-translated.mceclip5.png

Once you confirm, your site will be cloned first, and then its content will be automatically translated. You’ll need to review and publish the newly-created site before it becomes visible to your site visitors. 


Note: You can edit other parts of your current site during the cloning. We will notify you once the cloning process is complete.


What are the available languages for the multi-language site option?

Our Language Switcher supports all languages, and you can choose from the list of default languages provided. If the language you want to use is not listed, then you can select "Other" and manually write the language name. This way, you can create a multi-language site tailored to your needs.


What content does auto-translation cover?

  • Page sections content (selected and required by default)
  • Site Menu
  • Text
  • Button text
  • Store and Portfolio (optional)
  • Blogs (optional)
  • SEO-related content: including page URLs, titles, meta descriptions & image alt texts (optional)

5. Once you save these settings and publish your site, both sites will show a language switcher dropdown menu with flags! This dropdown menu links the two sites to each other, so your visitor can always switch the language as needed.

mceclip6.pngNote: This Language Switcher applies to all associated sites simultaneously. Once you apply the settings to one site, it automatically applies the same settings to all sites in the Language Switcher list, so the sites are all synced.

Note: If you have a custom domain, you can connect the new language site to a subdomain, such as (If you've purchased your domain on Strikingly, you can read this guide to set up subdomains.)



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