Create Multi-Language Site

How can I create a multi-language site?

Strikingly allows you to easily link together multiple sites to create a multi-language site.

Note: You'll still need to create multiple sites and translate content yourself. The simplest way to do this is to clone a site, and then translate all the text in the cloned site to a different language. 

For example, let's say you've created a site in English, and published it at To turn this into a multilanguage site (e.g. English and French), you can do the following:

  1. Clone your original site from your dashboard.
  2. Go into the editor for the new cloned site. In the site's settings, change the Site Language to French (or your desired language).
  3. In the editor, translate all the text to French. You'll need to edit each text field and each setting manually, as needed. (We don't currently have an auto-translate feature.)
  4. If you have a custom domain, you can connect the new French site to a subdomain, such as (If you've purchased your domain on Strikingly, you can read this guide to set up subdomains.)
  5. Now, in the editor of either site, you can link the two sites to each other. In either site's settings, you can activate the Language Switcher.


6. After activating, you can add sites to the Language Switcher. You can set a language label and a flag icon for each site.




For example, if you want to create a language switcher between English and French, your configuration might look like this:



7. Once you save these settings and publish your site, both sites will show a language switcher dropdown menu, with flags! This dropdown menu links the two sites to each other, so your visitor can always switch the language as needed.




Note: This Language Switcher applies to all associated sites simultaneously. Once you apply the settings to one site, it automatically applies the same settings to all sites in the Language Switcher list, so the sites are all synced.


Can I link to a non-Strikingly site?

Yes, you can also link to an external site for a different language! Just select "Custom URL" in the dropdown, when you select a site, and then you can enter any arbitrary URL you'd like.




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