Resources for a Striking Site

You're building a beautiful Strikingly site and you're excited -- now what!? You've been wondering where to look to find more icons, graphics, backgrounds, tweaks/customizations... to learn more about copywriting and design... or to be inspired! Well, here you are.

List is ordered from DESIGN on top 
to WRITING on bottom (+ a few bonuses)

Free, High-Resolution, Use-As-You-Please Images

Free, Beautiful, Use-As-You-Please Pattern Backgrounds (tile them!)

Free Design Templates and Icons to Download

Graphic Design Made Easy (web app/editor)

Find a Designer ($)

Design Lessons and Inspiration

Explosive Design + Magnetic Copy (blog) ($)

Conversion Copywriting

What should everyone know about writing?

How to Design S**t (Strikingly guide)

And finally, some general inspiration for all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs! (On culture & ethic; the Strikingly Team rereads this often.) (Search Hacker News for brand, promotion, tools and other resources.)



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