Share Website Before Publishing/Going Live

How can I share my site to get feedback from a friend?

We are working on a preview link function that will work before publishing , but until then here's a few options!  Both of these involve publishing, however, only people with the link will be able to view the site.

A. Publish and mark your site as hidden from Google (ALL USERS)

  1. Go to your site editor and click Settings > Advanced > Privacy.
  2. Check the "Hide from search engines" box. 
  3. Go ahead and click publish! No one will be able to find your site unless you give them the link.

B. Add a password and share with just your friend (PRO USERS) 

     1. Go to your site editor > Settings > Advanced > Privacy. 


        2. Enter any password of your choice and click update
        3. Save and Publish! Password protect also hides your site url from Google.
        4. Send your site URL to your friend along with the password to get their feedback.

Note: Password-protect is a Pro feature. If you're interested, you'll need to upgrade here

We have also released the multiple account collaborator feature (for Pro) which allows you to add editors, bloggers, as well as administrators to your account/site. This functionality enables you to have someone edit or see the site you are working on without sharing your account information. Learn more about it here.

That's it! When you're ready, go ahead and undo these features and Google will be able to find your site again.

Email or chat with us for more questions! We hope to launch a private preview link soon.

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