HTML Embed

What can I do with the HTML section? 

There's only one answer to that: the possibility is endless!

The HTML section is a Pro feature that enables multiple integrations with various apps and even allows the execution of custom applications that you can write yourself (using HTML code).

How to add the custom code section:

  1. Go to your site editor and click "Add New Section" in the left panel.


  2. Select the "Embed and HTML" section from the section list.


  3. Once it has been added, go to the section and click it to edit. 


  4. From the app list, select "HTML." 

  5. Copy and paste the HTML embed code in the field and hit "Save". 


Here are a few things that you can do:

  1. Add HTML embed codes for several applications not included in our App Store. 
  2. Create custom buttons, text sections, images, video galleries, etc. (You can ask someone to write the code for you if you don't know how to). 
  3. When copying embed codes from sources, copy EVERYTHING! Codes are pretty sensitive and a missing or misplaced period or other punctuation/letter/character can cause your code not to work. 
  4. If you've set your eye on a specific app and want to integrate it into your Strikingly site, look for its HTML/embed code. Contact your app's support people and ask them to help you find it. If they're not useful, contact us! We love to find ways to help!
  5. The HTML embed section is exclusive to apps that are displayed within your webpage. If you want to add JavaScript codes for other apps, you need to use the custom code section. 

In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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