Add Custom Code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

There are three locations where you can add custom code on your site:

  1. HTML Section (Add New Section > App Store & HTML > HTML). This is for application embeds. You can integrate more applications that are not included in our App Store--as long as you have the HTML embed code for the app.
  2. Header (Settings > Advanced > Custom Code > Header). This is for CSS and style code, including Google Analytics. For more CSS tips and tricks, visit this page (Disclaimer: we don't own the page. It's totally DIY, but you can use the code at your own risk!).  

    If your code needs to be within or between the <head> </head> tags, put it here.

  3. Footer (Settings > Advanced > Custom Code > Footer). This is for JavaScript and other embeds that require codes like Olark (chat client).

    If your code needs to be within the <body> or before </body> tags, put it here.


Note: This feature is currently available for Pro and VIP subscriptions and we currently do not support backend code access. 

If you're still having trouble with your custom codes, email us at or chat with us.

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