Embed ECWID Store

ECWID integration is available as a plugin on the Strikingly App Store. Keep in mind that you'll need a Pro account to be able to use this! 

How do I set up a store on ECWID?


Step 1: Create your store on ECWID

  1. Register an account at ecwid.com
  2. Set up your store. Fill in as many details as you can like price, product images, shipping information, etc. 


  3. After you're done setting up, copy the Store ID located on the left of your footer and paste it on your site editor. 



Step 2: Add the store to your site

  1. Go to your site editor and click "Add New Section" in the left panel.


  2. Select the "Embed and HTML" section from the section list.


  3. Once it's added, go to the section and click on it to edit. 


  4. From the app list, select "ECWID".


  5. Paste your Store ID from ECWID in the field and hit "Save". 


  6. Here's what it looks like: 


In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at support@strikingly.com or chat with us.

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