Adding Background Images

Can I add background images to my website?

Yes, you can! Watch the video or read the instructions below to know how to change or add background images:



Adding Background Images:


To add a background image, follow these steps:

1. Open your site editor. 

2. Click the Background button on the top right corner of the section. 

3. Choose "Image". 


4. You can either click "More" to view our image library, or click "Upload image" and choose an image from your device. Please note that we can only accept gif, jpeg, png, bmp, and ico. 


5. Click "Save".


Can I add a background to a section that doesn't have one? 


Not all sections of your page can include a background image -- this is mainly to keep your content clean and easy to read. In this case, background image sections are generally reserved for simple content like a big tagline. More about backgrounds.

(It's possible to use CSS to add a background as a workaround, but the ability to edit CSS is only available for Pro users and above. Email for more info).


How can I make my text more visible?

To make your text more visible, you can choose to have a dark overlay on your images, or use black/white text. We offer this option by default. Check out our overlay selections!

To remove the default overlay, click on the background button. You will see three overlay options. Choose the option on the left for white text without any image overlay, or the option on the right for black text. The option in the middle is the one with the dark overlay.



Can I set different background images for desktop and mobile versions?

We currently don't support customizing the background image separately for desktop and mobile versions. The background settings apply uniformly to both desktop and mobile views.



  • We recommend using images with 1600 x 900 px for a more optimized view. 


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