Fixing Google Search Results (Wrong URL)

"I connected my custom domain-- why does Google still show the wrong URL?"
"I changed my URL, why is the old one still appearing?"
"I added more tags, why isn't my link showing up on Google?"

This is showing up because the Strikingly url site hasn't been re-indexed after you have connected your custom domain or changed your URL. Google indexes websites once every 2-5 days or even longer. When Google re-indexes your site, it will be fixed! Thanks for your patience. 

You may want to hide your domain from Google immediately after you create a new page to prevent it from getting the wrong information first. Do this by going to Settings>Advanced>Privacy, then tick the "hide from search engines" box.

First, make sure that you hit the "Publish" button on your site -- this allows your site to be found on the internet. After publishing, there is still the usual 2-5 day period in which Google finds your site and records it.

If you have your custom domain connected, I will also recommend you to submit a sitemap to Google to get more granular control over SEO. You'll be able to ask Google to take a look at your page much sooner. Take a look at this tutorial.

You can request that Google removes your previous site with webmasters tools as well:

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