Transfer Site to Another Email Address or Account

Can I transfer my site to another email address?

Yes, we can help! Please note that each site can only be tied to one email address at a time. Email us at or chat with us to request the site transfer and indicate the following:

  1. Your account email
  2. The URL of the site you want to transfer
  3. The account email of the account you want to transfer the site to

Please send the request using the email address associated with the account where the site would come from!

Note: Please be aware that if you're a Pro user and your site is using Pro features, you cannot transfer your site to a Free or Limited account! You can remove your pro features first and then ask us to transfer-- domains, header/footer code, strikingly branding and html sections, etc.

Can I have multiple editors for a site?

Yes! We've released the Multiple Account Collaborator feature which allows you to add administrators, editors, and bloggers. This feature is available to all Pro users. Click here to learn more.

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