Remove Extra Text Boxes & Spaces

If you don't want the title, subtitles, image, etc. of a section, simply "remove" the image or "empty" the box, and save that!


It will show up as a dotted box in your editor, but when you go to "Preview" or the live site, that box, and the space around it, will collapse. Make sure to go through your text boxes to delete any extra space or "Enter" you pressed.


PREVIEW the page -- some sections will adjust to the center or remove unneeded decorations only on the preview and live sites.


Try out several sections to see which ones work for you! Each section is different in terms of columns, images, video, backgrounds, forms, and even HTML. Use the section to get the content where you want it to go.


Let us know via emailchat, or our help widget if there is still too much space, and we can help you add in some Pro custom code! Include your site, and describe what you'd like to see.

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