Pre-publish Checklist!

Are you sure you’re done with the site? Here’s a checklist to go through!

Did you click publish? 

The first time you click publish, we make your site visible to the world via search. (If you don’t want to be visible, go to Settings>Advanced>Privacy to hide from Google.)

While in the editor:

  • Site Basics

    --Did you change the title of your site? This shows up at the top of your viewer’s browser or on their tab and is the default text if they bookmark you. Change this in “Settings” (and check out the other settings.)

    --Did you change the Strikingly URL so you can share it easily or connect to a custom domain such as You can do this in “Settings.” Learn more about connecting a domain.

    --Are you using the font you want to use? Press the “Style” button in the upper left to make changes. You can change colors here as well.

    --Did you add titles and descriptions to the images, or make sure to empty the boxes when you didn’t want to?

    --Scroll to the bottom. Look at the social media links by clicking on them. By default, they will use the URL/custom domain of your page. 
    1. You can change this to your Facebook entity page or something else, by changing the links there!
    2. Do they contain any extra spaces on top of the bottom, inside the text box? Check if it contains any extra spaces on top or bottom or inside the text box.

  • Menu and Links

    --Decide whether or not you want a navigation menu on the top (or side) of the page. Go to Settings>Advanced>Header & Footer and toggle to see what works better for you. Each template’s menu is a little different.

    --Scroll through your page to see if this is a logical order for sections to proceed. If not, reorder them with the menu on the left, by clicking and dragging the sandwich icon (button with 3 horizontal lines).

    --Look at the names of the sections on the left-hand side to see if they are meaningful. (Sections are the chunks of the site you created with the “Add a section button.”) Keep in mind these are also your URLs, and you can link to them directly. Learn more.

    --Check the menu (if you have one) and see if the right items are showing. Is there a reason for someone to click on a menu item or to know they’re on that item? If not, use “Hide in Menu” or “Show in Menu” on the left-hand editor to toggle it.

    --Should you link to an external webpage through the menu, such as a blog, a partner, or an overarching site? If so, do so with the left-hand editor options. You can set external links below your section list by clicking on "Add new link".

  • Spacing

    --Look at your text boxes. Do they contain any extra spaces on the top of the bottom, inside the text box? Did you press enter at strategic points in the paragraph so that you could space it out perfectly? Try not to do that, as it will not appear the same on mobile.

    --Did you “remove” all the images that you don’t want, and “empty” all the text boxes you don’t need? Empty text boxes and empty images will collapse on your live site.

    --Do you have a bunch of dotted gray boxes in a row? If you’re using a repeating section such as Large Media or 2 Column Media, hover over that area with gray boxes, so that the hovered area is highlighted. If no image or text content is highlighted, press the “X” on the top right of the area to delete it!

While in preview/live:

  • Uniqueness

    --Look at your copywriting. Is it bold and concise? Is it striking?

    --Look at all of the images. Are there ones within the same section that could be cropped to a different size? Do they need some image effects? Go back and use the “edit image” button to change how the image looks.

    --Are you using any of our stock images? Keep in mind that other people may also be using these images, so you may want to use “edit image” to make them look a little different, or upload your own. We’ll get more images over time as well.

  • Functionality 

    --Scroll through your site and click all of the links. Do they work? Are there some things you forgot to link? Link them in the editor, by clicking on the text box. Learn more.

    --Did you use the mailto: and tel: links so that users can click the link to email or call you when appropriate? Learn more.

    --Click the tablet and mobile buttons to see how your site looks on mobile

The usual suspects are …

    1. Background images. Check your settings -- “Stretch” usually works best as this covers the full background area, but you can use “Contain” if you want the whole image to show. Learn more.

    2. Content in background images. If you have a logo, text, or other main content in your background, consider using a different section -- large media, so that the full image always shows, or one with an image on a background, so that you can upload the logo and background separately. If it’s text, use a section with text and a background image if possible!

  • Search engine-friendliness:

    --Did you add your site to your email signature? This shows what you're doing, what you believe in, and as a bonus, the link helps with SEO. Tutorial. Learn more at this link!


Questions or suggestions?
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