One Site, Multiple Domains

Can I use multiple domains for one site?

Whether you bought your domain from Strikingly or from another registrar, you can't connect multiple domains to one site. 
However, you can redirect one of your domains to another one of your domains.

For example, if you want everyone who visits to go to, or to go from to, you can set up "URL forwarding" for the secondary domain.

  1. Pick which domain is your main domain. This is the one you want your users to end up with as the end.
  2. Pick your secondary domain, and log in to the domain registrar of your secondary domain.
  3. Look for "Domain forwarding" or "URL forwarding."
  4. Enter your main domain into the dialog box and save it.
  5. (Look for "Subdomain forwarding" so you can forward
  6. (Enter your main domain into the dialog box and save it.)

NOTE: make sure not to mask or use "masked forwarding!" This creates many mobile and SEO issues.

Domain forwarding make take up to 48 hours to start working.

Here's the basic tutorial for setting up domains.


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