Connect Facebook, Twitter, Google+

How can I connect and customize my Facebook, Twitter, Google+?




Each Strikingly site has a social media panel at the site footer.



You can toggle whether or not you see it by going to your site editor and hovering your mouse over the social media panel. It looks like this!

Note: If you don't see this on your site or site editor, make sure that the "Display a footer at the bottom of the page?" option is enabled via Settings>Header & Footer




How do I edit the links on the social media panel for sharing?

1. Mouse over the social media panel while in the editor, and click "Edit."

2. If you want to use your own URL, click "Customize URL."  

Note: The Facebook Like button only works for Facebook Pages ie


3. Type in your URL. (Note: For social media profiles like Facebook, the "Like" button will work by adding "https://").


4. Click "Save" when you're done!

In the editor, you can change what link each of the icons go to, and what link they "like" or "tweet" or "+1." By DEFAULT, users will "like"/etc the url of the page, whether its or Change this by clicking "Customize URL" 

You can also change what text users tweet. Keep in mind natural limitations -- for example, users cannot "like" your personal profile, but only your company one. 


How do I send site visitors to my Social Media Profiles?

1. Mouse over the social media panel while in the editor, and click "Edit."


2. Click the "Links" tab and paste the URL of the social media profile you have. You can tick the boxes next to the social media platform you'd like to add links to.


3. Don't forget to "Save" when you're done!


Don't like the current layout of the social footer icons? Change its layout by clicking the "Layout button"! You can choose between:

Layout A:


And Layout B:


  • If a site visitor is not signed in to a particular service, and the social media page is public, clicking the icon will ask the visitor to sign-in. On sign-up, the text "strikingly" is shown because of the integration. If you do not want this to be the case, you will have to set up your own fb/tw/g solution.
  • If the social media page is private, and the site visitor is not supposed to know what the page is, they will not be able to see the button. 

Learn more about Twitter Cards. Learn more about Twitter feed and Facebook comments. 

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