Using Google Analytics Event Tracking

Installing Google Analytics will automatically track all page views, form submissions, and button clicks.


Before You Start

  • Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID, visit Using Google Analytics with Strikingly.
  • Remove the Google Analytics tracking code if you add it to your site editor > Settings > Show Advanced > Custom Code.
  • You can find these events without doing anything (we automatically publish the following events): 
    • Form submission - the event is triggered whenever a visitor submits a signup form or contact form. You can find it under category: 'Actions' > action: 'EmailCollected' on Google Analytics.

    • CTA - the event is triggered whenever a visitor clicks a button on your site.

      You can find it under category: 'Action' > action: 'ButtonClick'


  • Site.contactForm.submit - this event will be fired when a visitor submits the contact form.
  • - this event will be fired when a visitor clicked on any CTA button.



Track Custom Events

To add custom events for any other actions on your site, you need to add JavaScript in Settings > Show Advanced > Custom Code > Footer Code. For example:


Track Image Clicks

The following code will tell Google Analytics to track all image clicks, by capturing the click event on all ".s-image" elements.

window._strk = window._strk || [];
  $('.s-image, .s-media').click(function(){
    var href = $(this).attr('href');
    console.log('Tracking ' + href);
    if (window._gaq) {
      window._gaq.push('_trackEvent', 'Image', 'Click', href);
    if ( {'send', 'event', 'Image', 'Click', href);


Track Third-Party Event

If you want to publish the event to other services such as Mixpanel or Google Ads conversion, you can subscribe to our event topics and pass in a function that responds to the event.

var trackingFunc = function() {
window.edit_page.Event.subscribe('topicName', function(topic, data) {
// put your tracking here

if (typeof _strk != 'undefined') { _strk.push(['Page.didMount', trackingFunc]); } else { window.runAfterDomBinding.add('custom', trackingFunc); }



  • If you are going to track this event for Google Ads, visit Tracking Conversions on Forms with Google Ads
  • If you have 2 or more forms on your site, there's no way you can differentiate which one the submission has been sent through.



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