Live Site Error "Page not found"

Do you see the page not found message? Read more below and see how you can fix it!


1. Check if the site URL is complete and correct. 

You can go to your Strikingly dashboard > "MY SITES" and find the site URL: 


If you clicked a search result on Google and found this error, it's most likely because the user has deleted their page, but Google delays a few days before removing all traces of information from its search. 


2. Check if the domain is connected to your site.

The domain may have been configured to point to a Strikingly site but the domain was not added to the custom domain settings. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Go to your Strikingly site editor > Settings > Domains.


  2. Put your custom domain in the "Custom Domain/Subdomain" box, such as ", and click "Update". 



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