Transfer Domain to Strikingly

Can I transfer a domain from my registrar to Strikingly?

If you are looking to "connect" your domain to Strikingly, so that your content shows up at your url, see connecting your domain.

If you are looking to transfer the domain away from Strikingly, click here.

To date, Strikingly (we use OpenSRS as a registrar) doesn't accept incoming domain transfers, but don't worry, you can easily transfer your existing domain to major domain registrars. So you will have your domain registered and parked through the domain registrar but your sites hosted with Strikingly -- you would log in to your registrar to connect, and again if you want to change what the domain is connected you; your content would be hosted at Does that work?

We have found that transfer to Namecheap is the easiest. You can find the tutorial here:

Once the transfer is completed, please follow our domain set up tutorial for NameCheap to connect your domain to Strikingly

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