1&1 Domains (Ionos)

This guide walks you through the process of hooking up your 1&1 domain to your Strikingly site.

You can send this link to your domain registrar support if you need help or if you'd like us to connect your domain for you, send us the info here!

A. Do this on your Strikingly site editor:

Go to you site editor and click Settings > Domains. Set your desired domain on the custom domain box and click "Update." 

If you purchased your domain from Strikingly, no need to do the following steps. We'll take care of the rest for you!

Notes: Make sure to type your domain in lowercase to avoid the "Page not found" error when accessing your site.



B. To set up your 1&1 domain, follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to 1&1 Ionos. In the control panel, look in the My Products section and choose "Domains" 



2. Click the gear icon inline with the domain you'd like to connect and select "Adjust Destination".



 3. Click "Forward Domain"



 4. Type in your domain in this format "www.yourdomain.com", and make sure that "Redirect type" is set to "HTTP Redirect". Hit "Save".

Note: yourdomain.com is only an example and should be replaced with your own domain name.



5. Once saved, go back to your "Domains" page, and click the gear icon again. This time, pick "Manage Subdomains".



  6. On the next page, click "Add subdomain".



7. Add a new subdomain by typing in www in the "Subdomain name" field. Hit "Save" when you're done.



8.  After adding the subdomain www, the page will load. Without leaving the screen, click on the gear icon again, in the same row as that of the newly created subdomain. Then pick "DNS" 



9. Delete any existing www A record. This is to avoid any conflicts when adding your www CNAME. Once deleted, click "Add record", and choose CNAME.

10. On the "Add a DNS record" screen, fill the following fields:

Host name: www

Points to: www.yourdomain.com.s.strikinglydns.com

Note: yourdomain.com is only an example and should be replaced with your own domain name.


Click "Save" once done filling out the fields. That's it! 


Note: It takes up to 48 hours before your new settings kick in (DNS requires some time to propagate).

Check back after a few hours and see if your site is up! Be sure to clear your browser cache before you check to see if the domain is working.

If your site doesn't go online after a few hours, contact support@strikingly.com or chat with us and include a screenshot of your domain settings so we can help!


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