Transferring Domains Away from Strikingly

I want to transfer my domain to another registrar. How do I do that?

If you purchased your domain from us, send us a request at or chat with us so we can release your domain. 
Note: Please make sure that you request domain release before your domain's expiration date. If your domain has already expired, you would need to renew it before we can release the domain.

When we release your domain, it will be processed for transfer. To prepare your domain, here's what we'll do:
  • Disable WHOIS privacy
  • Unlock the domain
  • Send you the authorization code to your email (or the email that you registered when you purchased the domain from us). 

What will I do with the authorization code?

You need to send the authorization code to the receiving registrar (where you'll transfer the domain) so they can start processing the transfer. 
Please remember:
  • If you purchased/claimed a new domain from us, it has to stay with us for 60 days before it can be transferred, as per ICANN Transfer policy
  • If you recently changed your domain contact info ie email, name, etc. the domain will be locked for 60 days before it can be transferred, per ICANN Change of Registrant Policy.
  • The fee that you paid for your domain gives you domain ownership for one year. If you want to transfer the domain, you will not be refunded for the remaining months. Other fees collected will depend on the new domain registrar that you choose. 
  • Domain transfers between registrars takes five to seven days, from the time you entered the authorization or EPP code.
  • For domain transfer to continue, you must confirm the transfer approval email sent to you within the transfer period. Failure to do so during the five-day transfer period may prevent the process to complete. Please check your email's spam/junk folder, in case you haven't received the approval email in your inbox.
  • During the domain transfer, your site may go offline. A domain's nameservers/DNS settings cannot be changed during a Registrar transfer. Once your domain is available on the new registrar’s side, you can check if your site is up and if not, you need to set it up again on your new registrar’s side. (Here's our generic domain tutorial!)
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