Install Hello Bar (Collect emails at site top)

Do you want to tell your viewers some important news like new blog posts, grow your mailing list, or connect with them through your social profiles? Say hello with Hello Bar!

Note: Access to Custom Code is ONLY available for Pro and VIP plan subscriptions.


Hello Bar is a free tool that allows you to show important messages to your site readers on a bar that sits at the top of your page. Start grabbing attention now! Follow the instructions below to get started:

Setup your Hello Bar

1. Go to

2. Type the link of your Strikingly site in the box, then click “Create Your First Bar”.


3. Choose from the goals available.


4. For this example, we chose “Grow Your Mailing List."

5. Customize the text on your Hello bar. Click "Continue" when you're done. 


6. Customize your Hello Bar's look and feel. You can change Style (how it behaves on your page), color, text & content, and targeting (who should see your Hello Bar).


7. Hit "Save & Publish."

8. On the installation page, select "I can install code myself." Copy the code.


9. Save the code somewhere. You can use Notepad or other word processing programs that can store text.


Install Hello Bar on your Strikingly Site

1. Go to your Strikingly site editor.  Click Settings > Show Advanced > Custom Code, and paste the code you copied in the "Footer Code" box.


2. Click "Update" and then publish the changes (click the Publish button). 

3. Preview your site or check the live version of your site to see the Hello Bar installed.


That's it! Congratulations on installing Hello Bar on your website! 



  • Access to Custom Code is ONLY available for Pro and VIP plan subscriptions.

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