View Update After Clicking "Publish"

All sites hosted on Strikingly are served through CDN (content delivery network) which greatly accelerates the load speed and improves the reliability of your site. But this also means it usually takes 5 - 15 minutes for new content to propagate to all servers, depending on various factors such as server status, network congestion, etc.

To verify that your changes are properly published, you can modify your URL so that it will bypass the CDN temporarily. Here is how you can do it.

Suppose you have just published your site and your site URL is, but you find that your latest change is not refreshed, you can add a ?v=new to the end of your URL:

This will bypass the CDN and you should now be able to see your latest change.

Similarly, if your site has a custom domain, you can visit:


Once you have verified that your site is updated, it's just a matter of time for the content to propagate to all CDN servers.

That's it! Now go and make some awesome websites with Strikingly!


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