Namecheap FreeDNS / My Registrar has no DNS settings

If your domain manager panel does not have the option to edit DNS Zone File Settings but allows changing of nameservers, we use Namecheap's FreeDNS.

Note: Using Namecheap FreeDNS will not transfer your domain. Your domain's DNS will only be hosted in Namecheap's panel and domain renewal will still have to be done through your original registrar.

Before you begin, do you have mail services connected to your current registrar? Copy and save those MX records down before making any changes.

Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Type your domain into the box, then click "Get DNS". Your domain should not come with special characters and should be typed in the same manner as in the image below.

  3. Scroll your mouse down to the "Eligible for DNS" Tab. Click the free "Shopping Cart" icon then hit the "Set up DNS" button.

  4. You'll be redirected to a page showing the nameservers which you have to setup on your domain registrar's panel.

  5. Login to your domain panel. In this case, we're using, where the domain was originally purchased from.

  6. Go to "Domain Management". Then access Domain Manager>Manage Domain Name.

    Check the domain to be configured from the list (if there are several). Select "Update nameservers" tab after.

  7. Add the nameservers from Namecheap then "Apply":


  8. Save your changes! You may have to wait for about a few minutes up to 48 hours for the domain to point to Namecheap. Too excited? You can check if the nameservers are pointing to Namecheap using this tool:

  9. Once the settings are in place, make sure to authorize Namecheap FreeDNS via email for the changes to be complete.
  10. As soon as it's authorized, go back to your Namecheap Domains List. Then click the "Manage" button.

  1. Go to "Advanced DNS" menu. Click "Add new record"

  2. Select "URL Redirect Record" from the drop-down menu. Then set "@" as "Host" and add in the "Value" field. Don't forget to change the redirect to "Permanent (301)" as seen on the screenshot.

    Note: is an example.

  3. Again, click on "Add New Record" and select "CNAME Record" this time.

    Set up "www" as "Host" and "" in the "Value" field. Set TTL to "60 min". Don't forget to click the "Save All Changes" or the check button!

    Note: is an example and should be replaced with your own custom domain. CNAME value format should be your site URL +

  4. That's it! Please note of the waiting time which is 2-48 hours. Sometimes it is shorter. You can verify through this tool:

Make sure to type
See results for

Email or chat with us if you have questions! If you'd like us to connect your domain for you instead, send us the info here!

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