What if I already have a site?

Can I use a Strikingly site as a landing page alongside my existing site?


Launching newpage.yourdomain.com with Strikingly

Strikingly's one page design is a great way to add landing pages to your existing site. You can build specific landing pages for Adwords, events, new products or services, hiring, and more. This empowers team members to launch campaigns quickly and independently.

Then, you can hook up your new page to a subdomain such as mysubdomain.mybusiness.com. A few key examples are about.mybusiness.com, jobs.mybusiness.com, conference.mybusiness.com, and product.mybusiness.com.

To connect your Strikingly site to a subdomain, you will need to add 1 CNAME in your domain registrar. Here's our guide

Jump to one of our domain registrar-specific tutorials: 
GoDaddy | Gandi | Network Solutions

That's it! Easy, right? Keep in mind that using your own domain or subdomain is only available to Pro or Limited users, so you'll have to upgrade to implement this!

Here's how a single company uses us in 8 diverse ways:

Each of these pages were created independently by different marketing heads and community managers, then later connected to a subdomain, allowing any team member to quickly launch a new initiative!

Launch a new program, empowering any user to become an ambassador and receive commission

-- have a striking "why" inspiring users to join
-- include logistical information and FAQ 
-- focus on call-to-action

Market to a specific niche, sharing specific benefits and actionable information with a specific audience
-- write clear and concise copy
-- give step-by-step guidance on how to get started
-- highlight benefits from the user's perspective
Illustrate key usecases, exemplifying many ways to use their product in one industry 
-- start with a bold landing section
-- use images and numbers to show AND tell
-- showcase examples from the industry

Advocate for social responsibility, demonstrating humanitarian ways to use their service
-- empower each individual to affect their community and government
-- inform readers about various social issues
-- suggest different next steps with varying levels of commitment

Crowdfund for a new project, gaining cash and momentum online for a cause
-- tell a story through imagery
-- show pledged funds and support from similar people
-- give tangible fundraising goals and results

Sell tickets to a new event (series), pre-booking all seats
-- embed social network feeds for casual testimonials
-- anticipate selling out with a waitlist/contact form
-- include a spot for a sponsor logo

Hire for full-time or internships, attracting potentials who are fit for the position and the culture
-- make job descriptions fuller with images that capture the culture
-- request unique and effective application tests
-- embed/display the form or simply link it

Local launch and marketing, effectively engaging new users with specific content
-- have a local presence or local relevance
-- introduce new viewers to the product concept while providing useful content for current users
-- use numbers and case studies to bring the product to life

When you're done with your Strikingly site, you can connect it to a subdomain by adding 1 CNAME in your domain registrar. Here's our visual tutorial!
Email us at support@strikingly.com or chat with us if you're having trouble.

NOTE: If you want to replace just your home page while keeping all of your other directories and pages, but don't want to use a subdomain, try these suggestions.

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